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Refill instruction for Canon cartridges PG210, CL-211,PG-240,CL241,PG-245 & CL-241

After installing your refilled cartridge, you may still see "Ink is Low" on the screen and/or the printer panel because your printer has a memory that the cartridge is used and empty. Your printer may be able to print with low ink reminder but it won't be able to print for too long. If your multi-function printer is not printing with the refilled cartridge(s) installed in the printer (for PG-210 & CL-211 cartridges, "1" and "3" will be flashing alternatively on the printer panel), you need to press and hold the button "Stop/Reset" or "Stop" on the printer panel until you hear the printer is moving. This will reset the printer for one cartridge. You need to do this again later for another refilled cartridge. After resetting, the cartridge(s) can print move than new ones. As for single purpose printer, if the printer does not print after installing the refilled cartridges and there is an orange light flashing continuously below the On/Off button. You need to press and hold the button with the orange light flashing until the green light (On/Off) start to flash. After resetting, the printer should start to print unless the other refilled cartridge has to be resetted too. For resetting the other cartridge, please follow the instruction as mentioned above."

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